We at United Food Stuff Factory we make sure that our process is untouched by human hands, as we knew the high level of importance when it comes to sanitation. That is why our water products undergo into a state-of-the-art purification and filtration process, which is certified and meets both the local and global safety standards.

We are located at the Ar-Rayyan, New Industrial Area, in the State of Qatar. Our water is subjected to rigorous testing by our independent laboratory and exceeds the standards set forth by the Supreme Council of Health.

We are proud to say that UFSF water products goes into a 7-step process that includes multimedia filtration, carbon filtration, micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, polishing filter, UV treatment, and ozonation. These 7-step process features automated filling and capping. It is carefully done, to remove unwanted chemicals and impurities, while additional water treatment is observed to ensure that our clients are distributed with clean, pure and safe drinking water for their whole family.


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